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Redfish Consultants has been the #1 spray foam insulation company for the past five years. With over 500+ homes and businesses spray foamed in 2017 alone and over 3,500+ since 2012 making it the most trusted and reputable company offering energy efficient insulation solutions to both residential and commercial buildings.

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Our company has flawlessly held an A+ Rating since 2005 with the BBB and numerous other consumer report websites by ensuring customer satisfaction always comes first with every client individually. Certified – Insulation Contractor and Spray Foam Insulation Contractor

There are many ways we can help you save energy and money with our insulation solutions. Spray foam is hands down the most efficient and reliable product on the market for your new construction home and the go to for current homeowners interested in retrofitting their existing home as well.

0.5 lbs Density

Open Cell Foam

Open cell spray foam insulation is a great product to use in almost all interior residential homes. Open cell has a density of 0.5lbs or half pound and is comparable to a dense household sponge you would use to was your dishes with, so like a sponge it can absorb water if exposed. With that said, we typically apply open cell foam to only the interior of your home such as the interior walls, attic spaces and in between interior floors. Aside from being a great insulation product it also works amazing for sound proofing between walls and subfloors. But this underneath your upstairs bonus room and you will have peace and quiet will the kids and hanging out.

2.0 lbs Density

Closed Cell Foam

Closed cell spray foam insulation is a great product for areas of the home that lack an exterior moisture barrier or is open to outside exposed humidity or other moisture. For example, if your home was built off the ground on wood piles or bricks you would apply closed cell to the underside because it will to wick or absorb moisture from the outside air. Closed cell foam is also great for metal buildings with metal exterior walls and roof deck where condensation can occur. Closed cell has a density of 2.0lbs or two pound which is comparable to concrete which makes it basically waterproof.


Residential and Commercial Insulation Services

Attic Insulation

Can’t cool down your house? The number one reason why most homes have expense utility bills is simply due to extreme heat in attic spaces. It doesn’t what degrees you turn your thermostat down to or how long it runs things just never seem to cool down until late in the evening. Attics with extreme heat issues typically have no or a lack of existing insulation, old and deteriorate insulation or just weak insulation in general. Attics retrofitted with spray foam insulation can achieve an instant 20% to 60% savings on current bills and keep attics temps below 100 degrees.

Subfloors Insulation

Cold and drafty floors throughout the inside of your home can be the most miserable thing to deal with in the colder months. Using spray foam to insulate as well as seal the underside of your home can instantly solve the nightmare. If you have a raised older home with a bare cracked wood subfloors spray foam can completely seal your floor from the underside to keep air transfer from happening and keep small bugs and rodent out your home. If your house is raised with a concrete slab underneath still attached we can completely coat the base and prevent the cold from emitting up inside your home.

Soundproof Insulation

We all know what it’s like to not have any peace and quiet. Sometimes our kids are just way to loud upstairs in the game room or your master bedroom is right next to your teenagers room and the music is always playing. Consider spray foam for soundproofing your interior walls and subfloors when building your new construction home. It’s the best product you can buy so almost completely cancel out noise transfer from one living space to another. It’s great for media rooms, game rooms, theaters, bedrooms, stairs, joining walls and pretty much everywhere else you can think of.

Wall Insulation

Are you wondering why some rooms in your home get hotter than other? Exterior walls around your home that receive direct sunlight for long periods throughout the day can result in high heat transfer. Which can make it nearly impossible for you to the control and maintain a comfortable temperature inside the living space. Using spray foam to insulate the exterior walls in your home instead of traditional fiberglass insulation can make a world of difference in your home resulting in better comfort as well as energy savings each and every month.

Metal Building Insulation

Warehouse’s with metal sheet on the roof and walls can easily be comparable to an over. Even worse overtime water leaks can start popping up everywhere. Luckily we have a solution for both with closed cell spray foam. Closed cell spray foam is comparable to concrete when cured, can seal any penetration and is completely waterproof. It can be applied to walls and roof decks for superior protection for the elements. Also because the foam is extremely dense it can increase structural value by 275% and completely bond the any structure together.

Air duct Insulation

Old or leaky air conditioner ducts can waste tons of energy and money. Leaky ducts can make it nearly impossible to heat or cool your home if it’s barely making inside your home. Sealing your duct work with spray foam can help in many ways. It can help with air loss for starts. It can also keep your air that is being transfer into your home warmer or colder depending on the time of the year if it’s exposed to the outside temperature. Insulating your ducts with spray foam can also prevent moisture and condensation from building up on your ducts which can support mold growth and other risky situations.

Our Pricing


3 Inch Average of Open Cell. Price Starts at $1.00 – $1.20



5 Inch Average Open Cell. Price Starts at $1.50 – $1.75


Sub Floors

2 Inch Average of Closed Cell. Price Starts at $1.65 – $2.00


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